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Virtual Health Solutions Hospital at Home

Hospital at Home - Patient Benefits
By Joshua G. Briscoe, MD on January 5, 2023

I say let’s bring back the house call with a modern, more innovative approach.

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American Telehealth Association

Telehealth Awareness Week Thought Leadership Interview
By Noel Khirsukhani on October 18, 2022

Noel Khirsukhani speaks to the American Telehealth Association for Telehealth Awareness week.

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Virtual Health American Telehealth Association

Ushering in Next Generation Virtual Care: A Unified Approach to Virtual Health
By Raj Toleti on October 3, 2022

In the early days of the pandemic, providers and care teams actively sought ways to deliver care to patients safely and effectively. The result was a surge in the use of telehealth.

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Happy National Doctors' Day!
By Joshua G. Briscoe, MD on March 30, 2022

A message of thanks, admiration, and inspiration from Joshua Briscoe, MD, to his physician and clinician colleagues for National Doctors' Day.

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For At-Risk Patients
By Joshua G. Briscoe, MD on March 2, 2022

Anywhere the struggle is great, the level of ingenuity and inventiveness is high. - Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin

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Virtual Rounding

Virtual Rounding:  Telehealth for Emergency Departments
By Joshua G. Briscoe, MD on September 23, 2021

Telehealth has indeed come of age with the COVID-19 pandemic, propelling the evolution of new agile innovations to solve emerging problems. Virtual rounding is one such example. It’s not...

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Virtual Health Tegria

Virtual Care/Digital Health - Beyond COVID Response

In my conversations with healthcare leaders across the US, I keep hearing about two common themes:

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Solutions Education

Dr. Briscoe receives Teacher of the Year designation
By Joshua G. Briscoe, MD on June 25, 2021

Our Dr. Briscoe reflects on his recent honor of receiving The John F. O’Brien, MD Teacher of the Year designation from Orlando Health.

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Funding Grant COVID-19 FCC Telehealth

FCC Second Round Funding Application Window is Open
By Bala Thirumalainambi on April 30, 2021

An additional $249.95 million was provided as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) to fund a second round of the COVID-19 Telehealth Program. The FCC appointed Universal...

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