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Tampa General Hospital Implements ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital for Enhanced Patient Care

By Andor Health on September 12, 2023

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Tampa General Hospital (TGH) is at the forefront of delivering world-class care, with a strong focus on innovation. As part of their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and improving patient outcomes, TGH has implemented Andor Health's ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital in their inpatient setting. This AI-powered platform enables care teams to provide virtual care experiences, connecting multiple endpoints and streamlining communication for enhanced collaboration.

Empowering Care Teams with AI-Driven Virtual Care:

ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), opens up a range of possibilities for TGH care teams. The platform allows for virtual provider-to-provider consultations, multidisciplinary calls, and the inclusion of family members, caregivers, and friends in the virtual conversation. With features like alerts for fall risk, elopement, and patient movement, ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital enhances patient care and safety.

Observing Patient Progress and Remote Consultations:

TGH care teams can observe a patient's clinical progress virtually, allowing for real-time monitoring and intervention. Additionally, the platform facilitates remote consultations with specialists on-demand, providing timely access to expertise. Future updates to the platform include capturing patients' self-reported information, further driving personalized care and actionable insights for care teams.

Enhancing the Work Environment and Patient Experience:

Implementing ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital allows TGH to virtualize patient care capabilities and maximize their resources. By adding virtual team members to the patient care team, the academic health system aims to improve both the patient experience and the work environment for clinicians, providers, and ancillary teams. This innovative approach enables a collaborative practice and enhances overall patient outcomes.

Dr. Nishit Patel, a professor in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Vice President and Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Tampa General Hospital, highlights the benefits of the platform, stating, "ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital empowers our care teams with the ability to care for patients using the right clinical content and context remotely. This platform allows us to continuously observe at-risk patients from anywhere, at any time, driving a collaborative practice while improving overall patient outcomes."


Tampa General Hospital's implementation of ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital showcases their dedication to utilizing advanced technologies to improve patient care. By empowering care teams with AI-driven virtual care experiences, TGH enhances collaboration, patient monitoring, and access to expertise. With a focus on optimizing resources and enhancing patient outcomes, TGH continues to lead in innovation and deliver world-class care.