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Orlando Health Revolutionizes Patient Care with AI-Driven Virtual Nursing

By Andor Health on October 9, 2023

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Orlando Health, a nonprofit healthcare provider in Central Florida, is taking major steps towards enhancing patient care through the deployment of virtual nursing technology. This innovative approach, made possible by ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital, utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to streamline processes and optimize resource utilization. By leveraging this groundbreaking technology, Orlando Health aims to improve patient outcomes while enabling their dedicated healthcare team to focus on providing exceptional care.

The Power of ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital:

ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital represents the culmination of Orlando Health's commitment to virtualizing hospital operations and providing a unified platform for virtual care. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, including AI and machine learning, this powerful solution offers real-time insights into patient needs and improves staff coordination. With the ability to scale resources significantly and enhance interventions, ThinkAndor® is set to revolutionize patient care at Orlando Health.

Transforming Nursing Workflows with AI-Powered Virtual Nursing:

At the forefront of this digital transformation is ThinkAndor's virtual nursing module, which harnesses generative and transformative AI models. By automating over 40% of nursing workflows, this module empowers nurses to focus on providing personalized care. From automated triages and real-time expert assistance to tailored patient care and intervention opportunities, ThinkAndor® virtual nursing module enhances efficiency and ensures high-quality care delivery.

Partnership for Innovation:

Orlando Health's collaboration with Andor Health and Microsoft signifies a commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional patient care. Through this partnership, healthcare providers gain actionable insights to deliver personalized care while optimizing staff workflows through the ThinkAndor® Clinical Co-pilot. With an aligned vision and a focus on utilizing AI-powered virtual care experiences, this collaboration aims to transform the healthcare landscape.

Orlando Health Revolutionizes Patient Care with AI-Driven Virtual Nursing

Looking Ahead:

Orlando Health's adoption of AI-driven virtual nursing marks a significant step forward in patient care and resource optimization. By leveraging advanced technologies and AI-powered solutions offered by ThinkAndor®, healthcare organizations can streamline processes, improve patient outcomes, and deliver exceptional care. As virtual care continues to evolve, Orlando Health's commitment to harnessing innovative solutions positions them at the forefront of the healthcare industry.