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Empowering Pediatric Healthcare: Cincinnati Children’s Partners with Andor Health for AI-Driven Virtual Care

By Andor Health on February 21, 2024

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In a groundbreaking move toward revolutionizing virtual care, Andor Health, an AI company dedicated to transforming healthcare, has expanded its partnership with Cincinnati Children’s, the renowned #1 ranked children’s hospital in the US, as reported by U.S. News and World Report. This partnership aims to elevate healthcare delivery through innovative technologies, enhancing outcomes for pediatric patients and their families. By leveraging Andor Health’s cutting-edge ThinkAndor® AI platform, Cincinnati Children’s is poised to automate and streamline virtual care processes across various care settings, whether it's within the clinic, at home, or within the community.

Transforming Pediatric Healthcare with AI

At the heart of this collaboration lies ThinkAndor®, an AI-powered virtual health platform designed to serve as a comprehensive solution for managing virtual care experiences. ThinkAndor® functions as a virtual command center, orchestrating various virtual healthcare services seamlessly. From facilitating Virtual Visits and Digital Front Door capabilities to enabling Virtual Patient Monitoring and fostering Virtual Team Collaboration, ThinkAndor® offers a multifaceted approach to delivering healthcare in the digital age.

Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency

Cincinnati Children’s recognizes the importance of expanding access to care for complex patients who require intensive interventions. With ThinkAndor® as their virtual chassis, the hospital aims to reach a broader patient population while ensuring the delivery of high-quality care. The platform's flexible infrastructure and device-agnostic approach enable Cincinnati Children’s to provide a consistent virtual experience for both patients and clinicians, regardless of the devices used.

Improving Patient Experience

By leveraging ThinkAndor®, Cincinnati Children’s streamlines complex video visits, incorporates connected diagnostic devices, and offers appointment notifications in multiple languages. This dedication aligns with Cincinnati Children’s mission to enhance health outcomes and experiences for children with complex medical and social needs.

Driving Operational Efficiency with AI

Through generative AI and large language models like OpenAI, ThinkAndor® not only enhances clinical workflows but also reduces documentation overhead and operational burden. By embracing virtual health solutions, healthcare systems can meet the growing demand for care while maximizing operational efficiency.

Join the Virtual Health Revolution

Andor Health invites healthcare professionals to explore the possibilities of AI-driven virtual care. Discover how ThinkAndor® can revolutionize clinical workflows, enhance patient experiences, and drive better health outcomes in pediatric healthcare and beyond.

As Cincinnati Children’s and Andor Health continue to push the boundaries of virtual care, the future of pediatric healthcare looks promising, with technology serving as a catalyst for positive change.