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Andor Health's ThinkAndor® Tops AVIA Marketplace's Digital Health Solution Reviews

By Andor Health on December 27, 2023

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In today's digital age, the healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, leveraging innovative technologies to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Andor Health, the company revolutionizing patient management through generative AI, has been recognized as a top-reviewed digital health company by AVIA Marketplace. AVIA Marketplace, a leading resource for unbiased information about digital health solutions, showcases ThinkAndor® as the platform with the most 5-star reviews in their 2024 Top Virtual Visit Companies and Top Virtual Nursing Companies reports.

ThinkAndor® - Transforming Virtual Care Collaboration:

ThinkAndor® is an unprecedented virtual care collaboration platform that utilizes generative AI and ambient monitoring. This cutting-edge technology curates a virtual command center to manage all virtual experiences, including Virtual Visits, Virtual Hospital, Virtual Patient Monitoring, Virtual Team Collaboration, and Virtual Community Collaboration. By unifying all virtual capabilities into a single platform, ThinkAndor® offers a strategic approach for healthcare providers to deliver highly configurable virtual experiences in any care setting.

Advancing Coordinated Patient Care:

ThinkAndor® has garnered acclaim for its ability to optimize virtual care experiences and guide patients to the right line of care. By seamlessly integrating with electronic medical records, ThinkAndor® creates actionable insights that enhance the virtual care journey. This integration enables healthcare providers to achieve more coordinated patient care, improve operational efficiency, and effectively overcome the evolving challenges in healthcare delivery.

Virtualizing Hospital Capabilities:

ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital is transforming the way patients are managed and monitored during their hospital stay. By virtualizing capabilities such as sitting, nursing, and specialty consultations, ThinkAndor® allows healthcare systems to effectively observe and interact with patients while maximizing resources. With ThinkAndor® Virtual Nursing, healthcare providers have experienced significant time savings per nursing shift per department, reducing burdens and costs. The platform's ability to monitor patients virtually for admission documentation, routine checks, medication verification, and discharge planning has positioned it as AVIA Marketplace's Top Virtual Nursing Company.

The Future of Virtual Health:

Raj Toleti, Chairman & CEO of Andor Health, emphasizes the vital role of virtual health in seamless integration and communication within the healthcare industry. ThinkAndor® empowers healthcare providers to address staffing shortages, reduce burnout, and deliver more efficient patient care. By utilizing generative AI and a fully integrated command center, ThinkAndor® is shaping the future of virtual care experiences.


As virtual care becomes increasingly critical in providing efficient and effective healthcare, ThinkAndor® stands out as a leading solution. Recognized by AVIA Marketplace for its outstanding reviews in the digital health industry, ThinkAndor® is changing the way healthcare providers manage and monitor patients. With its unified platform and generative AI capabilities, ThinkAndor® is poised to transform virtual care collaboration and drive improved patient outcomes.