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Revolutionizing Healthcare Access: Andor Health and Morehouse School of Medicine’s AI-Powered Partnership

By Andor Health on March 5, 2024

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Access is paramount in healthcare. Unfortunately, for underserved communities, barriers to quality care persist, often resulting in poorer health outcomes. Recognizing this pressing issue, Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) has joined forces with Andor Health to revolutionize healthcare access through the power of AI.

At the heart of this partnership lies ThinkAndor®, a groundbreaking platform that injects AI technology into virtual patient monitoring capabilities. With a steadfast commitment to health equity, MSM is dedicated to serving underserved populations and improving outcomes by enhancing access to care. ThinkAndor® serves as a conduit, extending virtual care capabilities to those who need it most, thereby addressing the unique needs of the communities MSM serves.

ThinkAndor® Virtual Patient Monitoring offers providers a seamless means to track patients against tailored care plans from a centralized virtual command center. Patients, guided by ThinkAndor’s AI-powered virtual assistant, navigate configurable care plans, providing timely insights that inform their ongoing treatment.

ThinkAndor® has the ability to collect data from biometric devices and patient self-reported assessments, even without Wi-Fi or cellular connections. This addresses a critical barrier to care by ensuring continuous monitoring and data collection, regardless of connectivity. Moreover, ThinkAndor’s generative AI clinical copilot tailors interventions based on real-time patient input, ensuring individuals receive the most appropriate care.

Beyond virtual monitoring, ThinkAndor® offers synchronous and asynchronous access to counseling, educational resources, social determinants of health programs, and on-demand care, all without overburdening care teams. The platform’s just-in-time interventions, fueled by real-time patient data, enable clinical staff to intervene swiftly, ultimately improving outcomes and reducing readmission rates.

We are proud that ThinkAndor® is a transformative force in care delivery, where innovation paves the way for unparalleled accessibility. Through ThinkAndor®, healthcare institutions can overcome geographical and resource constraints, fundamentally reshaping the healthcare landscape for everyone, regardless of their location.

Our partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine signifies a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery—one where technology is harnessed to dismantle barriers and foster inclusivity. As we embrace the era of AI-powered healthcare, let us remember that innovation is not just about cutting-edge technology; it’s about empowering communities, promoting equity, and ensuring that healthcare remains a fundamental right for all.