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Emory Healthcare Collaborates with Andor Health to Enhance Patient Safety

By Noel Khirsukhani on November 20, 2023

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Noel Khirsukhani

As Chief Growth Officer at Andor, Noel drives revenue growth, sales strategy and business development. He brings to his role more than 20 years of senior management experience with leading healthcare information technology firms.


Emory Healthcare has partnered with Andor Health to introduce virtual patient observer technology, aimed at minimizing fall risks and improving safety measures for hospitalized patients. By leveraging AI-powered virtual care experiences, this innovative solution will provide an additional layer of supervision and support for patients in need.

Emory Healthcare Takes a Step Towards Safer Patient Care:

Recognizing the importance of patient safety, Emory Healthcare has chosen to pilot virtual sitter technology developed by Andor Health. This technology will be initially implemented in two Emory hospitals starting in November, focusing on monitoring at-risk patients in medical and surgical floors as well as in the emergency departments.

Addressing Staffing Shortages with AI Enablement:

In a time where hospitals nationwide are dealing with staffing shortages, this collaboration allows Emory Healthcare to utilize AI-enablement in patient observation, granting healthcare professionals the opportunity to focus on direct patient care responsibilities.

The Advantages of Andor Health's Virtual Observer Technology:

Andor Health's virtual observers, working alongside registered nurses in a control center, will utilize voice activation technology to communicate remotely with at-risk patients. They will provide reminders to stay in bed, request assistance, and deliver guidance while simultaneously alerting Emory Healthcare staff members of any safety concerns. With 24/7 monitoring services, patient safety remains the top priority.

A Shared Vision for Transforming Clinical Paradigms:

Raj Toleti, Chairman and CEO of Andor Health, emphasizes the shared vision of transforming clinical paradigms through AI and virtual collaboration experiences. By implementing generative AI-based virtual sitting and ambient monitoring, healthcare systems like Emory Healthcare can reduce operational burdens, mitigate staff shortages, and optimize cost while ensuring the delivery of quality care.

Emory Healthcare's Commitment to Advancing Care:

During the first year of collaboration, Emory Healthcare plans to invest in Andor Health's virtual patient observer/virtual sitter technology for 32 inpatient rooms. A further expansion is expected in the second year, with an additional 50 rooms integrating this advanced technology.

Emory Healthcare's collaboration with Andor Health marks an exciting step forward in patient care and safety. By harnessing the power of AI and virtual collaboration, Emory Healthcare aims to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care while alleviating the burden on healthcare professionals. This innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize the way patients are monitored and supported, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and safety.