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Andor Health Tops Black Book Market Research Rankings for Virtual Care Solutions

By Andor Health on May 17, 2023

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Andor Health

In a recent survey conducted by Black Book Market Research LLC, Andor Health emerged as the frontrunner in client satisfaction for virtual care solutions. The company, renowned for its utilization of open AI and healthcare-trained ChatGPT models, has been recognized as the leader in various aspects, setting a new standard in the healthcare technology landscape.

Black Book Research conducted an extensive annual market research survey, reaching out to almost 1,000 clinicians and leaders across more than 750 facilities. The survey encompassed 18 evaluation criteria, delving into crucial aspects of virtual care solutions. The comprehensive analysis positioned Andor Health at the pinnacle of client satisfaction for any virtual care solution.

Key Performance Indicators: Andor Health's success is reflected in the outstanding scores it achieved across key performance indicators:

  • Strategic Alignment of Client Goals including VBC, RCM & Telehealth: 9.80
  • Innovation & Optimization: 9.84
  • Client relationships and cultural fit: 9.63
  • Trust, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics: 9.65
  • Customization: 9.86
  • Integration and interfaces: 9.70
  • Brand image and marketing communications: 9.76
  • Account Management Support and customer care: 9.75
  • Best of breed technology and process improvement: 9.78
  • Overall Mean: 9.67

 Leveraging open AI and healthcare-trained ChatGPT models, ThinkAndor® enables care teams and patients to connect seamlessly across the care continuum. This groundbreaking platform unifies virtual health, allowing the entire health system to deliver care at scale.

Key Features of ThinkAndor®:

  1. Efficiency Through Integration: Allows care teams to deliver care efficiently by leveraging existing media devices with no additional apps or setup. Video/audio endpoints can be repurposed to enable virtual nursing, virtual sitting, and virtual remote consultations at scale.

  2. Seamless Workflow Integration: Existing clinical workflows remain untouched, empowering clinicians to join virtual sessions directly from the EHR.

Andor Health's top-ranking in Black Book Market Research's survey is a testament to its dedication to delivering innovative solutions that enhance virtual care experiences. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Andor Health stands as a beacon of excellence, providing a glimpse into the future of healthcare technology. Explore the full report and discover how AI-powered virtual care experiences can elevate your healthcare practices.